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Helping You Reveal Your Best YOU During Sorority Recruitment!
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RUSH RIGHT: Reveal Your Best YOU
During Sorority Recruitment. 

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7 Sins of Sorority Candidates (plus 16 Must-Know Tips!). 1 page.  FREE 

Blank Sorority Evaluation SheetsAs promised in RUSH RIGHT, here is the Blank Sorority Evaluation Sheet on which you can keep track of every single conversation and impression during sorority recruitment.  FREE

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Parent Brochure
Congratulations! Your student has decided she wants to join a sorority. Now what?"  This tri-fold 4-color brochure provides ideas for parents who want to help their students during the sorority recruitment period on their campus.  2 pages.  FREE  Temporarily unavailable.


"Not joining a sorority in college has always been a huge regret of mine. If only this book had been on the market when I was in school, my recruitment experience would have been much more positive.”

- Kristin Walinski, Attorney, University of Virginia (Charlottesville , VA)


"I wish I had this information going into formal recruitment my freshman year! Now on the other side, as the head recruitment counselor at my university, I want to pass this information to all of the potential new members. Joining a sorority shapes the rest of your life, so finding the best fit is key. This book can help you get there." 
-Emily Coyle, Chi Omega, Head Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor, Washington & Lee University (Lexington, VA)

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