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Helping You Reveal Your Best YOU During Sorority Recruitment!
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For Sorority Women

There has been some concern amongst sorority women that RUSH RIGHT: Reveal Your Best YOU During Sorority Recruitment is an exposé of sorts, which will reveal the secret membership selection techniques of the sororities.

It does not.

This book is a thoughtful guide for curious women who want to do their best during the sorority recruitment process. This book, the SureSister PETAL System™, and this initiative, have a goal and a purpose: equipping women with important life skills.

Panhellenic Council officers and/or advisors at more than 130 campuses across North America have received complimentary copies of RUSH RIGHT. Check to see if your Panhellenic office has a copy.  Then ask if the executive officers plan on equipping your next PNMs with the skills and knowledge they need this year.

YOU know better than anyone how sorority recruitment can be overwhelming.  No student makes her best impression under these conditions. Wouldn't you prefer to meet potential sisters who are truly putting their best foot forward?

Look at the results of this survey of Panhellenic sorority women.

Most people are surprised - or appalled - at what they see here. These are not the results sorority members hope to see, and these votes represent only those women who joined sororities, painting an even rosier picture of recruitment than what is reality. It's time for a change. It's time to help our future members before they are subjected to our rapid interview process. 

Bring Change To Your Campus

You and your sisters can promote PNM education. Use your promotional video for your chapter to share your members' recruitment stories. Give tips on how to get through the difficult parts of the experience. Tell them who you relied on for advice and why. Share some tricks that you learn in your chapters programming that have helped you not only in recruitment but also in regular life. Ask your Panhellenic officers how they are helping women practice and prepared for recruitment. Next year, become a Panhellenic officer who will make the PNM experience the most important metric for success on your campus. 

Check out the complimentary resources available on the Products page.

PS: Hope you enjoy our tongue-in-cheek title, RUSH RIGHT. Yes, the member intake process for Panhellenic sororities is technically called recruitment. But women still feel "rushed" through the friend making process. And their older relatives can't kick the habit of calling it "rush." So, traditionalism is mixed with progressiveness. We arrive at a play on words.  

"RUSH RIGHT helped me to relax during sorority recruitment and focus on finding the right sorority to fit me.  (It) helped me figure out the right things to say to convey my interests, skills, and assets to a sorority. I felt very prepared for recruitment after reading this book, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of going through recruitment."
- Malia Zurcher, Zeta Tau Alpha, University of Washington

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