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Helping You Reveal Your Best YOU During Sorority Recruitment!
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For Panhellenic Officers

“I finished your wonderful book yesterday and I think it is a significant resource for women going through sorority recruitment.  You did a great job educating non-Greek women on a process that can be perceived as very shallow.  You discuss in ‘everyday language’ the importance of what a Potential Member should do to not only prepare for the recruitment process but to prepare her for a lifetime of sorority membership.  You balance the message very well by keeping it ‘real’ in a professional tone.  Thank you.” - Angela Guillory, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Greek Life, Louisiana State University

"Not joining a sorority in college has always been a huge regret of mine. When I walked into sorority recruitment, I got hit by a freight train. None of my family or older friends were in sororities, so I had no clue how the recruitment process worked. I dropped out of recruitment early after my favorite sororities released me. When I look back, I wish I had been armed with the SureSister PETAL System™ so I could have managed my conversations with sisters better. If only this book had been on the market when I was in school, my recruitment experience would have been much more positive.”
- Kristin Walinski, Attorney, University of Virginia (Charlottesville , VA)

"RUSH RIGHT helped me to relax during sorority recruitment and focus on finding the right sorority to fit me.  (It) helped me figure out the right things to say to convey my interests, skills, and assets to a sorority. I felt very prepared for recruitment after reading this book, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of going through recruitment."
- Malia Zurcher, Zeta Tau Alpha, University of Washington

Could you improve recruitment for your PNMs?

Share RUSH RIGHT with your future Panhellenic members.  Why?

Because PNMs can have less fear, less anxiety, and better conversations if they are provided this book prior to recruitment. 

Because PNMs with conversations skills will facilitate more genuine friendships, more quickly.  

Because Panhellenic Council officers across the country have said they would embrace any tool that would make recruitment a better experience for their PNMs. 

That's right, you're not alone.

What if Panhellenic groups as a general rule are failing to prepare PNMs for recruitment?  Look at the responses of Panhellenic sorority women across the country:

Did the results surprise you?  How different would your campus results be?  Next, ask the same question of your most recent class of PNMs.  And then ask yourself this question: "Could I be helping my PNMs feel more ready for sorority recruitment?"

If you are interested in improving the PNM experience, take action now:

  • Plan to give your next PNMs access to RUSH RIGHT before they are assigned recruitment counselors.
  • Get your recruitment counselors copies.
  • Parents LOVE this book, especially parents who were not sorority or fraternity members. Tell them about it.
  • Invite Sunday Tollefson to come speak at your campus to kick off recruitment, educate during orientation, or motivate recruitment counselors. She can also evaluate your recruitment counselor training program and provide recommendations.

Use RUSH RIGHT in the way that works best for your council, for your campus, and – most of all - for your PNMs.


"I wish I had this information going into formal recruitment my freshman year! Now on the other side, as the head recruitment counselor at my university, I want to pass this information to all of the potential new members. Joining a sorority shapes the rest of your life, so finding the best fit is key. This book can help you get there."  -Emily Coyle, Chi Omega, Head Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor, Washington & Lee University (Lexington, VA)

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