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Helping You Reveal Your Best YOU During Sorority Recruitment!
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We believe you deserve the tools for success in sorority recruitment. And we intend on delivering those tools to you.  We currently have a how-to book, digital resources, a great blog, and many other tools in-the-making.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on our new inventions.  We're hard at work here.


Sunday Tollefson (Sigma Kappa, Washington State University) is an author, professional speaker, coach, and a leading authority on sorority recruitment preparation. She is the author of RUSH RIGHT: Reveal Your Best YOU During Sorority Recruitment - the result of two decades of involvement in the sorority recruitment process. Sunday wrote this book because she observed a cyclical absence of education and advice for young women who are considering joining sororities—education that could dramatically improve their experience during and results from sorority recruitment.

Sunday's sorority experiences include:

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment Participant
Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor

Collegiate Sorority Chapter Experience:

Informal Recruitment Chair
Vice President of Membership (Formal Recruitment Chair)
Alumna volunteer - Formal Recruitment
Formal Recruitment Advisor
Advisory Board Chairwoman

National Sorority Experience:

State Recruitment Introduction (Recommendations) Chair
National Recruitment Supervisor
Four-time National Convention Attendee
National Sorority Scholarship Application Evaluator & Committee Member

Professional Expert Roles:

2010 Faculty Member
Association for Fraternal Values & Leadership (AFLV) Central/
National Black Greek Leadership Conference
St. Louis, Missouri

2010 Faculty Member
Association for Fraternal Values & Leadership (AFLV) West/
National Cultural Greek Leadership Conference
Costa Mesa, California

2010 Faculty Member
Association of Fraternity & Sorority Advisors (AFA)
Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona

After her college years, Sunday moved on to advisory positions within the sorority and individual contributor roles within Fortune 100 companies. Similar to sororities, those companies excelled in both training their employees and recruiting the best talent.

Professionally, Sunday worked for GE, Intel Corporation, Morgan Stanley, and Microsoft which collectively trained her in depth on topics like interpersonal communication skills, persuasive communication skills, psychology, sales skills, personal branding, marketing, personal development, organizational recruiting strategies, behavioral interviewing, and emotional intelligence. Each of these subject areas has influenced the philosophies she discusses in her book, which is designed to make the sorority recruitment experience easier for everyone involved in the process. Sunday brings the pertinent lessons from all of these organizations together with the SureSister PETAL System™.

Sunday speaks to sorority hopefuls, both through her book and at college campuses across North America. Her audiences enjoy her talks about putting forth their best impression during this most unique interview experience known as sorority recruitment. Sunday savors the opportunity to assist women through an often exhilarating, stressful, exhausting, adventuresome, invigorating, and life-changing week.

Sunday holds a bachelors degree in business management from the University of Washington and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business. She makes her home near Seattle, Washington.

Speaking Engagements

Sunday Tollefson's speaking fee of $3,000 is inclusive of air fare, hotel, meals, ground transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses.  This fee also includes pre-speech interviews so Sunday can customize her presentation to meet the goals and objectives of your meeting.  Additional savings are available if you select the Pre-Pay Option.  Ask for more details on this option.  Sunday makes every effort to work within your budget.  Books may be added to the speaking package at a generous discount.  The deadline for booking is 45 days in advance of your event.  To inquire about Sunday's availability for a speaking engagement on your campus, please email  petals at SureSister dot com.

"Creating a Phenomenal Recruitment Experience" - Recruitment Orientation or Convocation

Listening to Sunday Tollefson’s own story of her "rush" experience as a college freshman helps the audience understand the dynamic nature of Panhellenic formal recruitment. Sunday's heart-felt talk encourages students to recognize and express their personal beauty. Posture tips, conversation ideas, etiquette tips, damage control techniques, and listening tricks are sprinkled in with the fun anecdotes and stories. Sunday touches on the SureSister PETAL System and closes with a call to action for audience members, inviting them to be self-confident by revealing their authentic selves. Sunday helps your future Panhellenic community members to have a great recruitment experience by reminding them why they are awesome candidates for enriching collegiate friendships. Students enjoy her comforting nature and energy. 

"She's adorable and her speech makes me feel prepared!" - Shelby P.

"She was well prepared and entertaining. I was well informed. Good job!"  -Marissa W.

"Her speech really helped me prepare myself for meeting the girls. She helped me feel more relaxed about the whole process as well." -Brooke W.

"Sunday gave very useful information about what to expect and how to put my best foot forward." - Jennell L.

"I thought Sunday's speech was very relevant. She was articulate and well mannered.  Super cute!"  -Emily B.

"Sunday's speech was certainly useful. (It) made a lot of impact in forcing me to consider my happiness level within different sororities rather than just worry about whether or not the sororities are interested in me." - Alexandra S.

"Very useful and inspiring. Great job!" - Eliza C.

"I thought her speech was relevant to recruitment and useful in the fact that we are more comfortable & know what questions to ask the chapters and what's appropriate to talk about." -Brittany P.

"Sunday was very confident and passionate in her speech and made me feel more confident in myself." -Caitlin D.

 "I liked how she created the people to compare ourselves to. She was fun and energetic - good flow!  -McKenzie W.

"This was inspiring! Now I am much more excited rather than nervous." -Whitney B.

"Very useful; calmed my nerves quite a bit!" - Audrey S.

"Sunday was entertaining and all of her information was extremely useful and helped me to better understand what I should expect and how to prepare myself for recruitment."  -Morgan R.

"She was energetic & informed." -Kelsey G.

"Sunday was very helpful and made me more comfortable for recruitment."  -Paige N.

"Sunday's speech was relevant and reassuring.  It was a good way to get ready." -Courtney M.

"It really made me feel more relaxed about this week!" - Erin S.

"It was very relevant and prepared me for carrying on a conversation while at a party."  -Erica N.

"It was very useful & helped prepare me; I got "inside tips."  -Laura M. 

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